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One of my most enjoyable activities to do is gather with friends (old or new), and spend hours talking about ours lives, and specifically what we want to do in the future.

After a few hours you really get to know each other, and hopefully get inspired to continue to pursue your dreams. Some conversations really end with the excitement and challenge of dreaming bigger! Having these “deep” conversations really fuels me, and inspires me to reach for more.

I hope that you make the effort to find friends that are like minded and goal oriented because it’s a great support system to have.


My top 5 benefits of having goal oriented friends are:

  1. Creating accountability partners – Future conversations will occur and updates will naturally pop up.
  2. Build a support system – Support system is very important, and it’s even better to have a support system that really “gets” you, and I’m sure the support will organically grow as you take interest in other’s goals as well as sharing your own.
  3. Gain motivation – Hearing about failures, successes, and in progress goals is very motivational. Some conversations end with the rebirth of old dreams that you want to NOW pursue with all of your might.
  4. Memory Keepers – Sharing your beginning with other’s allows little details to be stored in multiple brains. You get to sit back and go back through memory lane and think about everything you have done. Sometimes looking in the past helps  you appreciate what you have now, and what you are working towards.
  5. Celebration Partners – Lastly, one of the best parts is having individuals that know your “story” and have been with you from the start. It feels great to gather and celebrate how far you have come and what you have accomplished.

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Well, that’s it. I hope this has made you think of why it’s important to find some goal oriented people in your life.

Do you have a group of friends that you can share your dreams with? What has been your favorite memory of celebrating one of your goals?

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 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.


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