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Beauty | Ipsy May Glam Bagfeatured

May 2015 IPSY Glam Bag!


Ah…Let’s write a very short post…

So this month… (Yes I know I am a day late).. I think what I mostly loved about this bag was well… THE BAG… The false lashes that came with this bag looked.. umm… nice.. but I felt like my natural lashes would really outdo these lashes.. Yes, I get it they were meant to be as natural looking.. but I really do like the “WOW” effect most of my lashes come with. So I still have them sitting in my muji drawers..

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I was sitting here wondering what I should do with these ipsy blog posts.. I was starting to think of putting my efforts to highlighting the products that are meant for hair. It appears that all of my products for hair or like face treatments just sit on my makeup shelves.

Am I the only one that seems to be ignoring these products? I just hate the idea that I am not getting any use of these products… ::blah::

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Do you have an ipsy subscription? Are there any products you favor or not?

What are you plans with the products you don’t use?

Join ipsy today!

Join ipsy today!

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