Benefits of  Journaling

Benefits of Journalingfeatured

I have always been the girl who adored her Lisa Frank diaries. I loved every single new journal I got. I even remember this lake and swan  journal I received as a 5th grade gift from my City Year counselor, Katie. I am so sad I no longer have the journal, but am happy that it provided many hours of writing and escaping my world.

As the years have past, and I’m in my mid-high twenties nothing has changed. I think it’s ironic that someone who struggles to write neat LOVES and obsessively collects paper goods.

I was just staring at the 5 journals I have in the corner of desk and decided to write a post for my reasons to journal.


Reasons to journal… 

  1. Document your feelings and moments in life… There are things I have said or thought that I have since forgotten. When I pick up my old journals I sometimes cry and sometimes just sit there in awe of where my “head” was at. Most of my feelings  today lean towards I am grateful I have changed and matured. Some things I wrote were so immature, and it just brings me a sense of happiness to see that I have learned and things have changed.
  2. Write and review your goals.  Write down what you want to accomplish and enjoy the moments when you look back into that journal and can say you have accomplished your goals. Sometimes you forget some dreams you once upon a time had. I like reading what the young me wanted. It helps me determine what I should be working on.
  3. Journal when happy and when sad.  As a child I used my journals as writing punching bags. There were many moments (mostly growing up) that I used my journal to express my feelings. A lot of the times I used to scribble my chicken scratch as tears blinded my sight. I’m thankful at my young age I turned to my journal in times of frustration.
  4. List and count your blessings. As an adult, I haven’t gone to my journal with frustration, but instead I go to it to write down list of things that are going great. I have learned that I couldn’t keep the “negative” journals for long because I never want to sit and reread those journal pages, which could have an effect on my current feelings. Now, I write down the blessings and great things that are happening  in my life and do enjoy reading them.

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Well that is it. Now-a-days my blogs and youtube channels seem to be my journals I use to document this stage in my life.

Do you journal? What do you enjoy about journaling?

jeannette white keys
 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.



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