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Super excited how easy and tasteful this was…

Lately, I haven’t feeling too well and so I decided that I was going to cut back on the coffee and replace it with flavored/detox/spa water.

This morning I stumbled across a few youtube videos as well as Pinterest posts on all of the different types of recipes and decided to make some water for myself.


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The ingredients I decided to use were:




Mint Leaves


Here is a picture of my fruit and vegetables cut up….



Once I finished cutting everything up I realized I had more fruit for the two containers I decided to use…  So I found more mason jars and decided to place them inside and store more water for future use…



Next I took some of each and filled the section of my two bottles and of course filled them with cold water…


I also filled  up my work out to go water bottle as well, which I took to Starbucks to study…. This bottle is great because it has a filter on the top which keeps all of the pulp inside the water bottle. 🙂


I am so happy I finally tried this…. This water is delicious and refreshing…  I left all of the bottles except my workout bottle in the refrigerator so the fruit and vegetables could infuse…


I can’t wait to continue researching for more recipes to try… This site as some delicious looking water I look forward to trying…

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Have you tried your own detox water?

What are your favorite recipes?


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be beautiful.

-xoxo. Jeannette W




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