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We have a daughter, and are so in love with her!!!! She has just turned a week old. As new parents it has been a very long and exhausting week, but we are enjoying every moment getting to know our daughter Sarai.

I have decided to share some of my favorite pictures of our newborn and write some casual posts for family and friend to follow our parenthood journey and watch Sarai’s growth.

Having her home has been amazing. Every day we learn something new.  She is absolutely adorable and I can’t keep my hands or eyes off of her. This week has been such a blessing. So happy she is healthy and home with us.


Week 1: Sarai has…

  • Received her first sponge bath at home
  • Pooped!
  • Learning how to latch on to my breast
  • Had her first photoshoot
  • Smiled at mommy
  • Fell in love with her swing
  • Learned she hates hiccups
  • Attended her first mommy & baby lactation group
  • Sleeps very well on daddy’s chest
  • Met her pediatrician
  • Listened to granddads “Sweet Sarai” song
  • Met grandma
  • Went on first car ride
  • Has found her fingers
  • Sleeps with one or two of her hands up

Mommy and daddy ….

  • Fell in love with our baby girl
  • Skin to skin
  • Daddy changed his first diaper
  • Learned how to give a sponge bath to baby girl
  • Learned what upsets Sarai
  • Learning how to function on very little sleep
  • Watched our favorite Christmas movie, Elf
  • Mommy learned how to breast feed
  • Have taken tons of pictures and videos
  • Mommy had emotional moments
  • Functioned off of very little sleep


Thanks so much for reading.

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 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.





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