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A late post. Aye, I thought I was going to be better about posting, but since we have a newborn cut us some slack. LOL.

So this week it was mainly busy, not only because we have a newborn and we are doing everything we can to learn and improve, but we hosted Christmas dinner at our home. We had friends and family over and enjoyed our holiday favorites.

Sarai, celebrated her first Christmas by sleeping through the gift opening, and the very loud game of Smart Ass.


Sarai has…

  • Gained weight. She now weighs 6.5 lbs!
  • Starts tracking you
  • Eating in shorter time spans
  • Continues to smile more
  • Improving latch and feeding while nursing
  • Loves sleeping in our arms

Mommy and daddy…

  • Enjoyed spending Christmas with family and friends
  • Enjoyed hosting dinner and playing games
  • Interacting and not so tired as week 1 and 2
  • Love her big eyes and how attentive she is becoming
  • Excited Sarai is growing
  • Enjoyed giving Sarai another sponge bath
  • Dressed Sarai in her first dress
  • Captured Sarai’s foot and hand with a DIY ornament


Well that is about it. So happy for this holiday season. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.


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 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.



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