Positive Pregnancy Test!

Positive Pregnancy Test!featured

IMG_4027As you may know, I am a new graduate Registered Nurse. I have stayed busy with work, school, and attending educational classes provided by the hospital I work at. Today, I attended a class teaching us how to choose the Somasite ultrasound machine to insert an IV. During the class, for some odd reason I didn’t want to be a part of volunteers to have peers practice viewing vessels. (Which is good because exposure to this machine too early in pregnancy could be dangerous to the fetus.) So, class ended early and I was heading home.

Before I arrived home I realized it was 3 or 4 days since my menstrual cycle should have started. I had no other “feeling” that I could be pregnant. After almost 10 months of trying and being let down every month, you kind of lose your hope. I really don’t know why I walked into the store and bought a pregnancy test.

As I pulled into my garage, I started getting nervous. I was moments away from peeing on a stick that would bring me the best news, or another depressing moment. I walked in, and searched for my husband to find out what part of the house he was on. (Clearly I was hiding the fact that I going to take a home pregnancy test.)

I snuck into the guest bathroom, took a moment and opened the test. Past experiences of waiting the dreaded three minutes rushed through my mind. I started imagining what it could feel like if it were to say positive.


Glanced at my phone… Thursday April 14, 2016 …Time..10:46 am …. tick tock tick… 10:49 am …..

[At this moment I’m just standing trying not to look at the test on the bathroom sink]

Immediately I see two lines form.. I get closer to the test… and blink a few times… Read the side instructions…

2 lines = PREGNANT….

I stared at it for another minute…. Wrapped it up in a towel and placed it in my purse. My heart was racing. It finally happened!


Positive Pregnancy Test


The rest of the day was the hardest not to tell my husband. I was excited to finally tell my husband. I began coordinating with a photographer to arrange a session to not only take pictures for our 5 year anniversary, but now a pregnancy announcement! I couldn’t be any more excited! If you would like to view a video of our photoshoot check it out here.

I decided to grab a Clear Blue test (tricking him to take me to purchase tampons hahahah) because I wanted to see the word PREGNANT on the test. I told myself to retest in the morning, and if it said pregnant that I would continue with the plans to surprise my husband that we are going to be parents! Well, as you can see definitely pregnant! We are so excited!!!

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 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.


Thanks for reading! For those mommies out there, how did you find out you were pregnant? What did you feel? How did you surprise your significant other?





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