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Congratulations! If you are like IMG_4033me, keeping this little secret could drive you nuts. So I suggest, after you find out, you quickly find a way to surprise your significant other

Some tips from planning a pregnant announcement in less than 24 hours.


PINTEREST is your friend. I immediately got on my phone and searched for Pins related to  surprise pregnancy announcements ideas. I created a board and collected some ideas. Depending on what I could find out while shopping I would decide, which announcement would be the best for us.


So, I found this on Pinterest and that was my inspiration to plan out our announcement.




I immediately loved this idea because I wanted to capture video of us turning around and reading each others sign.

Now I knew all that I needed to get.. Chalkboards, chalk, and some balloons.

Since this photoshoot was going to start off capturing pictures for our 5 year anniversary I thought a gold number 5 balloon would be great! Then later we would switch to colorful balloons when I was getting ready to announce to my husband that we are pregnant!


After realizing I already had some chalk markers and a chalk board. I decided to head on over to Target’s dollar spot, and Party City.

The dollar spot at Target was great. They had a lot of baby shower stuff at the moment. I got two smaller goals chalkboards.

My next stop was to purchase the big number 5 gold balloon. Unfortunately the bouquet of colorful balloons were not going to last the night, so I had to somehow tell my husband we had to stop by the party store before we got to the photoshoot venue. (This provided us with some laughs, because he couldn’t understand how or why there would be a line at 9 in the morning to go to the party store. He also shared some frustrations, because in his eyes there was no need for MORE balloons since we already had the number 5 balloon. He was a bit cranky, and I just kept telling him it was going to be a good day.)


I have a very close friend and was excited that we were going to get together and get this photoshoot done. We have been discussing my 5 year anniversary photoshoot for months and finally it was happening. (Check out his work on  Instagram @brianjunior__ )

If you can’t get a photographer try hiding a camera or a phone to discreetly record the reaction. It is awesome to rewatch those videos.


Finally, just moments away from surprising my husband. I wrote down on a note on my phone to inform my friend, the photographer, that this was going to be a pregnancy announcement and made sure in the text that he didn’t give anything away. I wanted to make sure that he was aware of what was going to happen next and to make sure the camera was on VIDEO RECORD MODE.


I was super nervous and couldn’t wait to share the news. ( Not sure why I was nervous, but I just was. Looking back at the video I wish I spit out my gum. HAHA I know I was chewing it to calm my nerves, but looking back at the video, doesn’t look very lady like. LOL)

Anyways, it was awesome. It finally felt real that we were pregnant. I now was finally getting excited, because we both could enjoy that we finally were pregnant.


Lastly, once I received the pictures I went home to create a short video to use to share the news with our family. Up next, we shared it without parents and close family. AH! This is so exciting! Finally sharing and celebrating with others that our journey to parenthood will begin by the end of the year!

To view our announcement video check it out here!

Watch my husbands confused shocked face in his reaction video.

To wrap it all up here are the steps I took: 

  1. Find your announcement inspiration
  2. Search your house for supplies you already have and what you still need
  3. Go shopping for the remainder of your products
  4. Coordinate how you are going to capture the moment (Reach out to a friend, photographer, or test shoot with your own camera.)
  5. Edit and enjoy the moment with your significant other
  6. Edit pictures and share the news when you both feel ready


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 be beautiful. 

-xoxo. Jeannette W.


How did you announce your pregnancy to your significant other? When did you announce it to your friends and family?


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